Brown Dog Gunsmithing is a full service shop offering everything from minor repairs and maintenance to full blown custom work. I work on rifles, shotguns, and handguns. If it is not listed here contact me ( I may still be able to help.

Gunsmithing Services are described on this page in the following order. Please scroll down to find what you are looking for.
  • Custom Rifles
  • Bluing
  • Muzzle Brakes
  • Recoil Pads
  • Shotgun Shell Inlays
  • Antler Inlays
  • Stock Refinishing
  • Synthetic Stock Refinishing
  • Firearms Repair & Maintenance
  • Sight Work
  • General Rifle Work
  • Trigger Work
  • Misc. Stock Work
  • FFL Transfers
  • Firearms Shipping Service
  • Firearms Sales
Custom Rifles

Accurate hunting rifles built on fine quality wood stocks is where I have made my niche in the custom rifle market. A full blown custom rifle package will include action work, barreling, and stock work. You can provide your own rifle action or I can provide one for you. The action work consists of an action tune which includes lapping the lugs until there is 95% contact between the bolt lugs and locking recesses in the action. It also includes facing the front ring of the receiver, and truing the bolt face (when needed) so that runout in the bolt face is held to less than .001 of an inch. Barreling starts with a custom barrel of your choice, which is then chambered in the caliber you desire, head spaced appropriately, cut to length and crowned with your choice of an eleven degree or recessed target crown. Tolerances for barrel work are all held to less than .001 of an inch. Metal work is completed with bluing in a polish or matte finish (Stainless actions and barrels are not blued but still finished in a polish or matte), and finally the caliber is engraved (not stamped) on the barrel. Custom stock work begins with you selecting a stock blank that fits your budget and taste. It will then be sent to the semi inletter and roughed to the desired pattern. After semi inletting, I will finish the inlet so that the wood looks as if it is growing from the metal. The rifle is then bedded in the stock with a free float established on the barrel. After bedding the gunstock is shaped to its final dimensions and finished with your choice of a high gloss, or classic oil finish. This is a quick summary of a custom rifle job. There are many custom features that you can add to the rifle including a muzzle brake, custom triggers, scope mounts or open sights, tip and cap wood, grip cap inlays etc. You the customer will have a hand in choosing features for your custom rifle each step of the way. I will be glad to make recommendations and help in the decision making process. Together we can build the rifle of your dreams.
I also work with synthetic stocks. McMillan stocks being my first choice. So if it is a synthetic stock that you desire I can put that custom rifle project together for you also.

If I have not mentioned a feature that you think you would like in your custom gun please contact me ( and we can discuss it. The possibilities are endless and I would be glad to help you put together a custom rifle that meets your every expectation.


Both hot salts bluing and rust bluing are offered at Brown Dog Gunsmithing. Hot salts are used for the majority of the guns blued, while rust bluing is reserved for double guns. I offer three finish options for hot salts bluing, and one for rust bluing. With either bluing option the key to a great bluing job is in the metal prep before the gun ever hits the bluing tanks. All pitting, scratches, orange peel, and surface rust will be removed where possible and feasible (ie rust but not pitting will be removed below the show lines of the stock which keeps costs lower. Any areas that show will be cleaned up except around serial numbers and other markings. I will get as close as possible but will not remove pitting in these areas in order to preserve the markings.) Again rust will be cleaned up so as not to be a problem on your newly blued gun.

Hot Salts
  • Factory Polish: The factory polish is similar to what you would typically see in a factory gun that does not have a matte finish. The metal is polished through several steps ending with a 400 grit finish, and then blued. This is a very nice classic looking finish.
  • Matte Finish: A matte finish is prepped similar to a polish. The metal is polished to a 320 grit finish to remove all blemishes, then all parts are run through the bead blaster to give them the matte finish, before bluing. The matte finish is a very nice finish. It looks just as nice as the factory polish but cuts the sheen on the finished product. Many hunters like this finish. A quick note about this finish. Some gunsmiths will cut corners by simply blasting parts and bluing them for a matte finish. This is not satisfactory, as it will not hide any of the pitting, scratches, or blemishes that the metal had before bluing. You will have fresh bluing over poor metal prep and you will see it all. Be leery of cheap prices, make sure you know what you are getting, as you will most likely be disappointed in a poorly prepped bluing job.
  • Exhibition Finish: All metal is polished to a mirror like finish before bluing. It produces a very shiny end product and gives the bluing a deeper look. There is a significant time increase in the prep work thus increasing the price. This finish is usually reserved for a show piece gun.
Couple a gun bluing job with a stock refinish for a complete gun restoration.

Rust Bluing
  • Factory Polish: The factory polish is similar to what you would typically see in a factory gun. The metal is polished through several steps ending with a 400 grit finish, and then blued. This is a very nice classic looking finish. This is the only offering under rust bluing because this finish accepts the rust bluing the best.
Muzzle Brakes

The muzzle brakes that I install at Brown Dog Gunsmithing are threaded on to the end of the rifle barrel. All work is centered off of the bore in order to assure proper alignment and eliminate the possibility of the bullet hitting the brake as it exits the bore. All tolerances are held to with in .001 of an inch. After the muzzle brake is installed the outside diameter is turned down to match the barrel diameter. This gives the job a very clean look at makes the muzzle brake look like an integral part of the rifle barrel. The muzzle brakes are installed hand tight and can be removed for cleaning. The muzzle brake will significantly reduce the amount of felt recoil produced by the rifle. A muzzle brake job can be coupled with a new Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad to further reduce felt recoil in the rifle.
Installing a blued muzzle brake on a stainless rifle barrel or vice versa can give your rifle a unique custom look.
Recoil Pads

Installing a new recoil pad is a fairly inexpensive way to make your rifle or shotgun more pleasant to shoot. In my opinion most of the factory pads out there are nothing more than cosmetic, and some are down right hard. I use Pachmayr pads almost exclusively for a couple of reasons. First and for most they work. Second they install well and look very nice when on the gun. All pads are grind to fit so that the finished product looks like it belongs on the gun. Pachmayr offers a wide variety of styles, colors, sizes, and thicknesses, for rifles and shotguns, all available at Brown Dog Gunsmithing. If I don't have what you want in stock I will order it. If needed, length of pull can be adjusted on most guns before the new recoil pad is installed. Shortening by cutting the stock, or lengthening by adding spacers or a thicker pad. Couple a new recoil pad with a muzzle brake on your rifle to significantly reduce the felt recoil.
Shotgun Shell Inlays

A shotgun shell inlay is a nice way to enhance the look of your shotgun. Save a hull from your first 25 straight on the trap or skeet range, or from a kid's first turkey, duck, goose, or pheasant. Its a great way to remember a significant hunt or accomplishment on the range. I will remove the case head and inlay it into the grip cap of the gun. This can be done on most guns, but there may be exceptions based on the design or construction of the stock. Please note that the rim of the shell protrudes slightly above the wood (the thickness of the rim of the shell). This allows for a nice finish to the job.
Antler Inlays

An antler inlay will give your gun a truly custom look. Hoof prints or initials are popular, and can make your gun uniqely yours.
Stock Refinishing

Stock refinishing is a great way to give new life to ol' betsy. Refinishing consists of removing the old finish, drawing the oil out of the stock, repairing dents and dings, sanding, and applying the new finish. Two grades (hunter and exhibition) of stock finishes are offered at Brown Dog Gunsmithing, and each grade can be finished in your choice of a high gloss or classic oil finish.
  • The hunter finish is a high quality utility grade finish. The hunter finish looks very nice, is tough, and is weatherproof. I use the same methods and the same products for my hunter and exhibition finishes. The difference in the two is that the grain will not be completely filled with the hunter finish. After sanding several coats of finish are applied until the wood is well sealed and I have achieved the look that I want. The job is then complete. The finished product is similar to most average factory finishes.
  • The exhibition finish is as good as it gets. It is similar if not better than most factory finishes on high dollar guns. What makes the exhibition finish so good is the fact that all of the wood grain is completely filled. The stock will feel as smooth as glass when completed. The exhibition finish can have upwards of 20 coats of finish on the high gloss models. The finish is applied by hand, and wet sanding is done between coats. The combination of coats and wet sanding is what fills the grain and gives the stock its smooth feel. After the last coat of finish has dried the exhibition finish is further polished by hand rubbing with rottenstone or another similar stock polishing compound. This removes the last of the imperfections in the finish giving the stock a glassy feel and depth that is unequaled. It is a truly fantastic look!
  • The classic oil finish brings out the nostalgia of any firearm modern or antique. It not only protects your stock but gives it the look and feel of history's classic guns. It is both beautiful and functional, and is also my favorite.
Both the hunter and exhibition finishes can be done in your choice of high gloss or classic oil. Couple a stock refinish with a gun bluing job and ol' betsy will look brand new.

Synthetic Stock Refinishing

Synthetic stocks can be refinished in a wide variety of colors. In addition to a standard paint job, I offer a textured finish that is applied before the top coat of paint. I use Dura Coat products for all synthetic stock refinishing.
Firearms Repair & Maintenance

Professional gun cleaning is much more thorough than basic field stripping and cleaning. A professional cleaning entails stripping the gun completely, disassembling all subassemblies, cleaning all individual parts, checking for worn or broken parts, properly lubricating all parts, reassembling, and finally running the gun through all pertinent function and safety tests.

Sight Work 

Sight work offered includes drilling and tapping, scope mounting, and bore sighting. I also install a wide variety of open sights, and can help determine the proper sight heights to give you maximum adjustment and keep you on target. Dovetail cutting and fitting is another service offered. I will also sight in your firearm if you desire, and provide targets so that you can see where the gun is shooting.

General Rifle Work

General rifle work offered at Brown Dog Gunsmithing includes services such as checking headspace, removal of stuck cases and live rounds from the chamber, cutting and crowning barrels, and chamber polishing.

Trigger Work

Trigger work offered includes adjustment of existing adjustable triggers, performing trigger jobs on non adjustable triggers, and Installing and adjusting new triggers. All trigger work is completed by performing all function and safety checks on the gun. Triggers will not be set lower than safely possible.

Misc Stock Work

I offer inletting and bedding of both factory wood and synthetic stocks. I will also inlet and bed stock blanks to satisfy your custom gunstock needs. My inletting is very meticulous resulting in a 1 to 1 wood to metal fit. I recommend free floating a barrel for the best possible accuracy but will full length bed upon request. Pillar bedding is also available.

Installation of standard and inletted sling swivels is available.

FFL Transfers

Use of my Federal Firearms License is available for all of your firearms transfer needs. If you have purchased off the internet or through the mail, or need to receive shipment from a friend or relative I will be happy to help. I am able to send my FFL via US mail or via email. Each FFL goes out with a letter accompanying it notifying the sender who the transfer is for and what the firearm being transferred is. Upon receiving the firearm I will contact you and you can come to my shop to fill out the 4473 paperwork. Cost for this service is $20.00 per firearm.

Firearms Shipping Service

Not only is my Federal Firearms License available to receive firearms, I will also ship them. If you do not want to hassle with shipping a gun or cannot do so legally I will be glad to help. I will box up the gun and send it to the receiving FFL saving you all the hassle and a trip to the shipping depot. Please note: I must have a copy of the FFL being used by the receiving party in order to ship the gun. There are no exceptions.  Fees for this service are listed below.
  • Ship a long gun to lower 48 (excluding CA): $60.00 includes FFL transfer, shipping, handling, and insurance up to $1000.00. Add $5.00 for each additional $500.00 worth of insurance.
  • Ship a long gun to CA: $70.00 includes FFL transfer, CA permit to ship, shipping, handling, and insurance up to $1000.00. Add $5.00 for each additional $500.00 worth of insurance.
  • Ship a hand gun to lower 48 (excluding CA): $55.00 includes FFL transfer, shipping, handling, and insurance up to $1000.00. Add $5.00 for each additional $500.00 worth of insurance.
  • Ship a hand gun to CA: $65.00 includes FFL transfer, CA permit to ship, shipping, handling, and insurance up to $1000.00. Add $5.00 for each additional $500.00 worth of insurance.
This service is for firearms only. I do not ship live ammo, or hazardous materials such as gun powder or primers.

Firearms Sales

Interested in purchasing a new gun? I do firearms sales by special order. I have access to wholesale pricing on most everything. I do not carry an inventory. If you know what you want contact me at and I will respond promptly with a price quote. Please provide as much detail as possible about the firearm you are interested in so that I am able to price the correct gun. (Make, Model, Finish, Caliber, etc). If you like the quote I can order the gun and usually have it here in 2 to 5 days. I can then ship it to your FFL holder or you can come to my shop to complete the paperwork. Prices are competitive.

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